Natural Products

For over 30 years our ingredients have been selected among the best in the world.

The world's best products, functional NATURAL products that improve the condition of the skin from the first application.

We focus on natural, organic, biodegradable, sustainable products.

Our beauty and wellness products are made with the newest plant-based ingredients to replace those used in traditional formulas. We have product ingredients that are Ecocert and organic certificates.

We work 100% compliance with the regulations of COFEPRIS, FDA and the European Union.


Our products are:

  • Phthalate Free (cause hormonal effects)

  • Free of benzenes (carcinogenic)

  • Free of Parabens (cytotoxic)

  • Free of Artificial Dyes

  • Free of Petrochemicals

  • Free From Aliphatic Solvents

  • Tensile Free Synthetic Assets

  • Gluten Free

  • Silicone Free

  • Tested & Certified

Benefits And Advantages Of Natural Products

There are many toxic substances that surround us on a daily basis, so why would we want to have them used on our bodies.

Finding better natural alternatives is what our entire company is focused on...

We believe there is a solution that is natural products. We believe in experimenting with oils of plant origin, essential oils or natural ingredients that are less practical but are truly effective.

Many industrial products contain substances that can be harmful in the long term. Many industrial products have chemicals and synthetics that can cause irritation to the skin.

Organic and Natural products offer you a better alternative:

Avoid Irritations.

Look at the products you are using, especially products that take away acne and delay the aging of the skin. These types of industrial products have very strong ingredients. Many people's skin may become irritated, allergic, or dry. In these cases, it is advisable to use natural ingredients that gentle and delicate with our skin.
Protect the skin.

Our skin has the ability to regenerate itself from almost any damage, but the industrial products you are using may not be natural.

In response, natural products provide the nutrients and essential vitamins so that our skin can repair itself properly.  

Long-Term Benefit.
Industrial products that contain chemicals that can help skin regeneration may show a change instantly, but using them constantly can cause long term damage.

Instead; natural products and natural ingredients can provide instant results but in the long term they combat the problem from the root.


How To Know If A Product Is Natural

In order to know that a product is authentically natural, it must be made with ingredients of 100% plant origin and to guarantee it contains soft preservatives.

Natural or organic products is a trend that is growing fast. One of the great differences between industrial cosmetics, is in its composition. Industrial products use chemicals or petroleum derivatives. On the other hand natural products use 100% natural ingredients.

Natural products try to integrate the substances that are most compatible with the biochemical composition of the skin, so that it is not aggressive, so it strengthens and improves the dermal functions thanks to the natural components provided by the plants used in its creation.

Manufacturing with plant ingredients carries an ecological ethics, since it does not contain aggressive residues nor chemical, that they do not cause harm to the environment. We believe it is strictly forbidden to use petrochemical products.

The Natural Difference

​Natural products contain no synthetic or conservative aromas.

Stimulate the ability of the skin to regenerate.

All plants used in the processes have been grown without using chemical pesticides or herbicides of any kind.

Because natural products contain no chemicals, it helps sensitive skins, it has no allergic reactions, and can help hypersensitivity.

Ecological products are subject to the strictest criteria and quality and safety controls.

Being products with natural substances does not pose a risk of intoxication if accidentally ingested.


Sustainable Products

From The Earth

Biodegradable, Natural

& Organic

Plant Based

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