Become A Program Administrator

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Who Are Program Administrators?

Are you someone who can lead other people?

Essentially, the role of a Program Administrator entails a lot of socialization and leadership. When it comes to the front lines, program administrators are it.

You will need to connect with people, leading people and train people. You ultimately ensure sales people sell to the right types of businesses customers.

You will  participate and / or  lead with events, festivals, and public gatherings.

The Leader Of The Program

The primary function of a Program Administrator is to ensure that the program for which they are responsible for is successful, effective, and makes daily sales.

Your Focus:

1) Development & Implementation of a Program.

2) Global Expansion

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Coach and recommend the process of how to make the program successful. The Building Blocks…


Plan, direct and coordinate a particular sales program that is focused on gaining daily sales from a specific Customer / Client / Industry.


Manage the relationship with the customers
Help coordinate & develop program activities, events, and outreach


Recruit and coach team members who will call on customers around the world.
Lead the sales operation on a daily basis


Ensure that the programs makes high-volume sales transactions on a daily basis.

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