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Size & Type: Alcohol 250 ML
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Indulge your senses with our after shave gel made with all natural ingredients to improve your hair’s condition from the first application. Our unique combination of plant based ingredients and essential oil helps nourish your hair leaving it soft, silky and hydrated.

Biodegradable | Natural | Eco-Friendly

Naturally Free of:

  • Petrochemicals
  • Parabens
  • Phthalates
  • Lauryl Sulfate
  • Chemical Dyes
  • Synthetic Fragrances

We focus on Natural... Earths Amenities is dedicated to the design, development and manufacturing process of products Inspired by Nature classified as natural, organic & biodegradable that are safe & Eco Friendly.

Our beauty and wellness products are made with the newest plant-base ingredients to replace those used in traditional chemical-based formulas. We use only the best natural ingredients from around the world to create products that improve skin condition from the first application. The most important thing for us is the well-being of our customers, therefore our natural flavorings are combinations of vegetable oils such as coconut, grape seed, olive, jojoba and avocado with natural essential oils and synthetic-free fragrances.

Our products and manufacturing practices are in compliance with FDA and European Union regulations. Our certifications include Natural, Organic and ECOCERT.

Our products are FREE of: Parabens, Benzophenones, Phthalates, Petrochemicals, Propylene Glycol, Lauryl Sulfate, Aliphatic Hydrocarbons,  Artificial Dyes, Synthetic Fragrances, Sulfates.

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