Crew Shirt Performance | Charcoal | Made In USA

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Size: Small
Color: Charcoal
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Factory Keys shirts are premium, soft and built to endure. Our premium shirts feature two needle hem stitching and 100% Polyester
4.5 Oz. High Quality Performance Fabric
Made in USA
Which printing process is best?

It all depends on your needs! Here are the basics for each process.

Screen Printing:

Screen Printing is best when doing bulk production runs. Screen printing will provide you with high-quality prints with rich and vibrant ink colors on any garment. We can print as many colors as you want on any location of your selected garment. 

Direct-To-Garment (DTG) Printing: Minimum 80% Cotton Fabric Required

DTG is a unique printing process that deposits ink directly into the garments fabric, requiring no burning of screens, setups, or registrations involved! DTG is perfect for jobs where multiple colors would be too costly, when high detail and resolution is a must, and when you wan to personalize each print. DTG will allow you to print unlimited colors at NO EXTRA COST. There are no minimums involved with DTG, so whether you want to print one piece or one thousand pieces, DTG will give you stunning results. 

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