Bio Earth Deli Paper Kraft | Custom Printed | 10 x 10 | 10,000 per Case

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Its now easier than ever to customize items for your business without huge minimums. Perfect for Cafes, Restaurants, Bars, Catering or Events looking to stand out with a personalized touch. Factory Keys offers affordable pricing without sacrificing quality.

Our Bio Earth Deli Paper is unlike any other that exists in the market. With its freeze, grease and heat resistant properties, we are able to provide 1 sheet for multiple uses. Our award winning Bio Earth Deli Paper is a revolutionary biodegradable solution for any type of food that requires a deli paper.

Lead Time : 3-4 weeks lead time for recurring orders

Lead Time : 4-6 weeks lead time for new printing

Minimum Order Quantities [MOQ] starting at 4 cases for Customization

Deli Paper Kraft | 10 x 10 | Custom Print 1-4 colors | 10,000 sheets per case

Box Dimensions : 12 x 12 x 16 

Set-Up charges are not reflected on the price list. Set-Up is a one-time charge of $125 for new artwork.s


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