Private Label Alkaline Purified Water 8.4oz (250ml) | 24 Pack Case | Clear Boston Black Cap

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CASE QUANTITIES: 18 Cases | 24 Pack Case
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Factory Keys Premium Alkaline Water is soft, pure and refreshing. Our multi-tiered water treatment process utilizes Filtration, Reverse Osmosis, Ozonation Process and
Ultraviolet Lamp Sterilization to ensure water purity without the use of chemicals.

Now its easier than ever to have Premium Branded Water Bottles for your businesses. Our Customizable Water Bottles can be customized to your needs never sacrificing quality.

Factory Keys Private Label Water Bottles are directly silk screened to ensure premium quality. Our "No Label" approach to Private Label Water Bottles makes each bottle easier to recycle. Products made with a product label are required to manually remove the label for items to be recycled.

** There is a 1 time fee of $150.00 for artwork screen print.

8.4oz (250ml) Bottles | 24 Bottles Per Case | 117 Cases Per Pallet

Factory Keys supports small businesses offering premium products with low minimums.

We are proud to announce coming soon "Biodegradable Water Bottles"

Bottles will biodegrade in approximately 1,200 days

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